Facility Rental

Facility Rental Info

All rental applications must be in writing. The Recreation Department reserves the right to deny any rental application. All rentals subject to availability. For complete information on facility rental please call the Macedonia Family Recreation Center at (330) 468-8370 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Hourly Rental Rates
Room/Area Maximum
Class 1
per hour
Class 2
per hour
Class 3
per hour
Activity Room 40 $30 $40 $50
Rotunda – Section 40 $20 $30 $35
Natatorium – Whole* 200 $150 $200 $300
Natatorium – Lap Pool 100 $90 $100 $120
Natatorium – Activity Pool 75 $90 $100 $120
Natatorium – Lap Lane 10 $20 $25 $30

* The entire natatorium can only be rented outside of the regular hours of operation.

Class 1

City of Macedonia Departments and Organizations established by the City and current annual members of the Macedonia Family Recreation Center.

Class 2

Macedonia based, Non profit, tax exempt corporations as established by the IRS (examples: civic organizations, churches, fraternal bodies) not charging admissions.

Class 3

Any organization, institution, agency, group or individual not included in Class 1 – 2; or anyone in Class 2 charging admission.

Rental Policies and Fees

1.  The application for use of areas within the Macedonia Family Recreation Center shall be in writing and submitted to the Macedonia Family Recreation Center Staff. All areas of the application must be filled out completely and must be signed by a responsible representative of the requesting organization or party.
2.  Rental requests will be accepted on a quarterly basis to correspond with program registration dates. Requests must be received a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
3.  Your rental fee payment and completed Rental Agreement must be received prior to approval and confirmation.
4.  When events are scheduled outside of the normal business day, a fee of $25.00 per hour will be assessed. A minimum of two hours will be charged.
5.  SECURITY DEPOSIT – A $50.00 Security Deposit is required for all rentals. The Security Deposit will be refunded (a check to be mailed from the City of Macedonia within 4 weeks) unless:

a.  You cancel the rental with less than 2 weeks notice.
b.  The facility is left dirty.
c.  Any damage has occurred to City property as a result of your rental
d.  You or your party violates the terms of the Rental Agreement.

6.  Macedonia Family Recreation Center lifeguards will supervise all activities in the natatorium. Please have an accurate estimate of attendance at the time of the rental so we may plan accordingly. The rental fee includes up to 25 people. There will be an additional fee of $35.00 per hour for each additional 25 persons, or portion there of, in attendance.
7.  Any time the Colorado Timing system is in use, Macedonia Family Recreation Center staff will set-up, run and remove the system. The fee is an additional $25.00 per hour.